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Cool ideas on how to engage your customers on Twitter

Confession: I love sending email campaigns

I’m such a dork. After I send out an email newsletter my favorite thing in the world is to sit there and check the metrics every 10 minutes. It’s inexplicable how much I love it. After I send one I just sit at the computer for the rest of the day like…



Unfortunately 3 million people in France will keep on thinking this is an advertisement for… Fight for literacy Ads by DDB

I like the concept of these. I’m probably missing the point to why they are in English, though. After I read them I was thinking “Maybe they can’t read it because it’s in English?” lol. 


Apparently, Google+ isn’t actually a ghostown. Here’s how Google+ and Topshop used everything from microcameras to Hangout apps to create a new kind of fashion show—and mine customer behavior for data that will help shape the retail giant’s buying decisions this season.

THIS.IS.FANTASTIC. This is an inspiration and a case study for other fashion brands (hell, brands in general) on how they can use emerging trends and technology in their branding, marketing, business, and research efforts. Good show!